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Kerrie is the founding partner of the firm, which commenced as Kerrie Johnson & Associates in January , 1996. Kerrie was admitted to practice by the Supreme Court in December, 1978 and she has worked continuously since that time. She was accredited by the Law Society as a Family Law Specialist in 1994, the year in which the accreditation scheme commenced. However, Kerrie has a broad experience of practice, having worked in most areas of law during her many years of general practice in law in Wollongong.

Over the last 35 years Kerrie has developed a particular expertise in difficult and complex property settlements. She always works hard to achieve the best result for her clients, even in the most challenging financial disputes. She has a deserved reputation as being a tough negotiator as well as a formidable opponent in Court. Having such a broad experience in Family Law means that there is almost no situation which she has not dealt with, whether it be de facto property, child support, spousal support and maintenance, AVOs, injunctions, relocation cases, disputed paternity, care and protection or arbitration. In fact, many of Kerrie's cases have been reported in law reports.

Over the years, Kerrie has built up a busy practice which has become one of Wollongong's leading Family Law practices, in which both partners are accredited specialists in their areas of expertise.

Kerrie was born in Wollongong and has practised exclusively in private practice in the Illawarra since her admission as a solicitor. In her free time, Kerrie relaxes spending time with her family, gardening and travelling.