front desk
Administration/Support Staff

We are very proud of our admin staff. They work well as a team, often under pressure, providing excellent service to clients and other related professionals alike.

Our admin staff have a broad range of experience and expertise; complementing the role of the firm’s solicitors in providing timely, practical support to all clients. Our staff are trained to be able to assist clients by phone or email, often answering queries from their own knowledge of procedure and practice. This means that clients are often able to obtain the information they need, or answers to questions without having to wait for a callback if a lawyer is at court or out of the office.

All of our admin staff receive regular in-house as well as external training in order to maintain and improve their skills knowledge base. Some staff have many years of industry experience and are able to operate at a high level of competence as paralegals, with only minimal supervision from the partners. Other members of our team have spent their entire careers with us, having worked their way up from junior levels within the firm, to now carrying out quite complex and demanding work.

Our staff are friendly and professional and are always looking for ways to help and support our clients. They are always available to take your call.