Criminal Law

Tim Horsley has an established criminal law practice and is experienced in all types of criminal matters. He always strives to achieve the best outcomes possible for his clients and is an experienced advocate. Tim has been a Court solicitor for over 17 years, appearing regularly in the Local and District Courts. Tim appears in defended matters, in relation to guilty pleas and in appeals. He is also an experienced advocate in all matter of traffic infringements including licensing and drink driving cases.

In appropriate cases, Tim has successfully negotiated with the Police or the DPP for certain charges to be dropped or substituted with less serious charges, without the need for a case to proceed to a final hearing on a defended basis.

The firm offers a flat rate price in relation to pleas of guilty in criminal matters which means if a case is delayed at court, the costs charged to a client will not increase.

Tim is also on the Legal Aid panel to appear on behalf of legally assisted clients. Clients who believe they may be eligible to receive a grant of legal aid may nominate Tim who can then apply for a grant of legal aid to be assigned to the Firm.