Local Court Matters

Tim regularly appears for clients in connection with a vast array of local court matters, including AVOs, neighbourhood disputes, fencing disputes, drink driving pleas, assault charges, traffic offences and in respect of bail. Many clients are unaware that the Prosecution must prove the guilt of a person beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant does not have to prove that they are not guilty. However, we always advise clients to plead guilty in appropriate circumstances, or to plead not guilty in appropriate cases.

Since the introduction of the Crimes (Domestic & Personal Violence) Act, many clients are unaware of the law and procedure that might apply to them, either when they are seeking the protection of an AVO, or if they are served with papers where an AVO is being sought against them. We can advise you as to whether or not you should consent or oppose the making of an AVO against you if you are going to Court.