Mediation Services
For a variety of reasons, including the long delays that many clients face in proceedings listed in the Federal Magistrates Court, the firm offers mediation services in areas of both parenting disputes and property settlements.

Kerrie Johnson is an Accredited Family Law Specialist who was admitted as a solicitor in 1978. She is able to conciliate and mediate disputes involving property in our Wollongong office with a goal of settling disputes. Although Kerrie's views are not binding, in most cases she is able to accurately predict the outcome of a property settlement dispute without the parties having to face the protracted delays and pay the high costs associated with a defended hearing. Kerrie provides mediation in property disputes irrespective of whether or not proceedings have been commenced and if parties have already engaged solicitors to act on their behalf, we welcome the attendance of the parties' legal representatives at mediation sessions.

Tim Horsley is a registered FDR Practitioner under the Family Law Act and is registered with the Attorney General's Department. Tim is able to issue Section 60I Certificates which these days must be obtained before a person can apply for parenting orders, unless an exception applies. Many mediation clients prefer to pay for private mediation rather than to wait 4 or 5 months for mediation to be convened at a Family Relationships Centre.